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Working Groups

Below you will find details regarding the active Working Groups of the Police Accountability Board Alliance.

PABA By-laws Committee

The Police Accountability Board Alliance by-laws committee is responsible for reviewing and updating policies and procedures that govern the organization. When by-laws are revised, these changes will be reviewed by the body before the final changes are voted on by Alliance members for approval.

Communications Committee

The PAB Alliance Communications Working Group provides the public with meaningful, concise and clear information about the function of the PAB and how to access its services. The group creates clear messaging on the beliefs and intent of the PAB Alliance as a broad coalition of community groups and activist organizations. They also generate press releases for print and online media, social media posts, and email communication, and work on other creative projects to promote events and ideological messaging. The mission of the Communications Working Group is to help the public understand the function of the PAB and the ongoing efforts of the Alliance on issues of criminal justice reform and policing in the community.

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is crucial to the ongoing functions of the PAB Alliance. Members of this working group are tasked with maintaining the Alliance’s e-mail list, communicating to our hundreds of members and supporters about our meetings, functions, and seeking input from membership on the path forward in our work. The Administrative team also sets our meeting schedule and maintains the agenda for those meetings to ensure that all voices are heard in an organized and concise manner. On top of these other crucial tasks, members of the Administrative team are expected to process new and returning applicant members and organizations to the Alliance and confirming that all groups are in line with our collective mission of accountability, transparency, and equal justice in our community.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for continuing to spread the word about both the PAB’s role and powers within city government and the work of the PAB Alliance and how our roles intersect and differentiate. The Outreach team puts together presentations for new and/or curious organizations and individuals who are interested in the Alliance’s work as well as seeking out potential partners in our continuing struggle for justice and equity in the Rochester community. Members of the Outreach team are expected to have a thorough understanding of both the Alliance and the functions of the PAB, in order to effectively communicate each of their roles internally and to outside organizations and institutions.